Castlecomer Wellie Race 2020

1 Jan 2020 - 2 Jan 2020
Castlecomer Wellie Race

Originally started in 1978 the Powley (an area in the hills surrounding Castlecomer), a group of ‘Comer’ men decided, while playing cards, on St Stephen’s day (Boxing day for British readers) to run off the Christmas indulgences by running a race. Not being the type that would be caught dead in a pair of Nikes or Adidas, let alone actually own a pair, the obvious footwear for the event was, yes you guessed it, wellies!

The Wellie Race includes a procession of imaginative and often hilarious floats through the centre of Castlecomer. All monies raised through sponsorships and entry fees are donated to charity.

The 2020 race will again kick off on New Years Day. For more information, please visit

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